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Friday, December 31, 2004

Prayers for the New Year

I finally gathered up enough courage to watch the news last night of the tsunami/earthquake disaster in South Asia. All I could repeat to myself was “Oh, my God!” Those poor people, some losing whole families, some losing all of their children. I went to bed with a heavy heart, thankful for my blessings but knowing that I know not the hour when I will be separated from them. What kind of person am I to celebrate the coming of a new year when so many people are mourning for their lost and deceased loved ones? I feel tonight will be a night of reflection and resolution. I am only one, yet I can try to make a difference in the little way that I can with my own family and in my own community.

Please remember to pray for the lost and the mourning all the world over tonight as you celebrate the coming of a fresh start and a new year.

To contribute to the relief effort:
American Red Cross – (800) HELP-NOW
Doctors Without Borders
Catholic Relief Fund