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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's been a long, long time.....

since any of us have blogged here! I know I've been super busy, then the ISP was down, and then we've been sick. So, we've been away from the blog...

Prayers are going up for the Holy Father; he seems very ill. As anyone with experience around chronically ill senior adults will know, a respiratory illness can become serious quite quickly. Prayers for a speedy recovery, or a gentle passing to heaven are coming from our house, and from many folks, I'm sure.

I had the chance to meet a fellow Catholic blogger the other night, it was so.. surreal to talk IRL with someone that you've known only until then through a blog! But, it was fun, and I'm sure if we had more time, we'd have run through our list of favorite blogs and compared!

Speaking of blogs, the 2005 Catholic Blog Award nominations are open HERE. Go nominate your favorite Catholic blog for an award!