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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A great article on Parkinson's and Stem Cell Research

This is a great article about Parkinson's Disease and the use of stem cells to treat it.
After 14 years with Parkinson's, Patricia Payne would give almost anything to be free of the debilitating tremors that are characteristic of the disease and the constant pain caused by bone disintegration around her lower spine.
But as a Catholic and the mother of five, she will not consider any treatment that would involve the destruction of human embryos.
"I don't want to see cures, even a cure for my terrible disease, to be obtained by destroying a fellow human being at the earliest and most vulnerable stage of their existence," Payne recently told a joint committee of the Massachusetts Legislature in emotional and exhausting testimony.
This story lays out pretty clearly the situations in which the Church does approve of the use of stem cells, so it is very informative.
I found a link to this story on a great new blog, Flying Stars. Check it out!