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Thursday, March 10, 2005

have you ever moved?

I don't mean the college level "pack your stuff in 3 duffel bags and 2 boxes from a liquor store and schlep it back home in someone's station wagon" type of move....

I'm talking "sell your house, cull your clutter, call a van, pack then repack one hundred jillion boxes, cramming it into one big day of closing on one house, and then closing on the new house" kind of move.

We've talked about it for ages, but have never seriously investigated it. But a chance comment about possibly getting serious led to someone's grown son and wife coming to see our house. And they love it, and want to know what we'd ask for it, so they can talk to their mortgage company.

And I'm up at wee-dark:thirty with a sick stomach at the thought of doing all this. Oh my. I must go check and see how Jamie over at the Selkie blog is doing, because she's doing this while PREGNANT, on top of just everything it really entails.

Oh, I am so sick/nervous/excited/terrified/overwhelmed/slightly hopeful?!?!?!?!