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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lenten Reconciliation

Tonight is our parish reconciliation service. We have 8 priests coming for confession, with evening prayer as the format. I'm taking the kidlets, tho' only DD1 will go to confession (only her 2nd time since she began receiving this sacrament in December).

The funny thing is when it came up at breakfast, as we reviewed the day, she says to me that she doesn't have anything to tell him. Oh, I pointed out, remember two weeks ago when you out and out lied about your sister, and I believed you and she got into trouble? Oh that.... I guess I DO have something to tell Father! LOL!

I like these services. I like seeing people being reconciled to Christ and the Church, I like the prayerful attitude of those waiting, the quiet music over the buzzing whispers of confessions, the smiles shared as people go up and then back down the aisle, the sense that we are all in this journey together.

Thank God for our Catholic faith and the chance to receive this beautiful sacrament. Please pray that I am able to make a good confession, myself.

We are on the downhill slide into Holy Week; where did the time go?!?!