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Monday, March 14, 2005

"Saving Milly" - just another Hollywood viewpoint?

I watched "Saving Milly" last night on CBS, the TV movie about Milly Kondracke, wife of Mort who had Parkinson's Disease. As I have an aunt who died of it, an Uncle-in-law who is struggling with it, and a father who probably has it but hasn't been diagnosed yet, I had a great interest in watching it.

It was extremely moving. To watch this beautiful vivacious woman waste away was heartbreaking. To see the tender care that Mort gave her, especially in a very sensitive scene where they were cuddling, and then she wet the bed.... well, it sure pointed out that he meant his vows when he said "in sickness and in health."

But then it came to where she wanted to die. And his answer was that when it came time for a feeding tube, it would be her choice, and if she chose no tube, he'd support her even though it was not what he wanted. It was heartbreaking to watch this, I have to say I was sure it was going to turn into a "let's kill the poor suffering woman" TV movie.

There was also a point where she wanted to know why God was punishing her. And I always ask "why do people blame God for inflicting tragedy upon them, when that is not how God works?" I've had my share, and I'm sure more is in store in the course of life, but you can quote this back to me at any appropriate time and I do hope I feel the same way. God doesn't do things to us just to watch us suffer. "Hmm,", God might say, "kinda bored here in heaven, think I'll zap the hell out of that family over there just to watch them suffer" (like one would put salt on a slug, just to watch it shrivel). Well, the God I know and love and follow does not do things like that.

Anyhow, at the end, Michael J. Fox came on board with a plug for more research dollars, and a website. I checked it out. And of course the big plug is for MORE MORE MORE embryonic stem cell research for brain implantation. This is plain cannibalism, and I find it horrifying.

This is a terrible disease. It does terrible things to people. But does this give us the right to do more terrible things, in the name of research and medicine??

What do you think?