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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Abp. Chaput is right on the money, again.

I sure like what I hear out of the Archbishop in Denver. He's got a great column out about the lack of any sort of "honeymoon" given to our new Pope, Benedict XVI. Here's a quick quote:

One of the lessons from last year that too many American Catholics still don’t want to face is that it’s OK to be Catholic in today’s public square as long as we don’t try to live our beliefs too seriously; as long as we’re suitably embarrassed by all those “primitive” Catholic teachings; as long as we shut up about abortion and other sensitive moral issues and allow ourselves to be tutored in the ways of “polite” secular culture by experts who have little or no respect for the Christian faith that guides our lives.

The reason Pope Benedict XVI will get no media honeymoon is simple. It’s the same
reason he instantly won the hearts of committed Catholics, worried the lukewarm
and angered the proud and disaffected. He actually believes that what Jesus Christ and His Church teach is true, and that the soul of the world depends on the Church’s
faithful witness.

As one columnist bitterly observed, “the cafeteria is now closed.” Of course, for believers, it was never open.

Read the whole column, it's well worth the click!