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Thursday, May 19, 2005


I saw a book today about reading in Barnes and Noble. It was by the man who owns the Levenger company, which I have patronized for years. One of the things he suggested was keeping a list of books read. I have never done this. Then I realized that my son is doing this at school. (Mayor Bloomberg expects every school child to read 25 books per year). I am sure I am reading more than 25 books per year but I want to remember WHAT I have read, and why it was significant.

So I bought a lovely journal and started listing books for this month. Some books have a brief notation next to them ("Deadpan humor"--Anthony Powell's Venusberg). Some are old favorites which I re-read periodically (A Dance to the Music of Time by, yes again, Anthony Powell). And some are just current bestsellers (Alexander McCall Smith's In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, a very welcome birthday present).

Since this is a Catholic blog I will mention that I have obtained a copy of Salt of the Earth, which the Pope Benedict Study Group at yahoogroups is reading. I am halfway through the first chapter. I am riveted. Hope to finish it this weekend.

Anyone else want to share what they are reading?