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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Two Weeks on the Road with Six Kids

Sounds like the title of a movie, either a comedy or a horror movie, eh? :) Yes, as some of you may know, I just returned from a two week car trip to/from California with my children. My husband had to stay home -- work! We drove from CO through UT, AZ, NV, and ended up in Southern CA. We visited family for a week there, and headed to central CA to visit my father, before returning home on essentially the same route.

We learned a few things along the way. First of all, everything we packed that fit beautifully when we left, seemed to expand or multiply somehow, and repacking the car each time was nearly impossible! I have no idea how this happened, but it was quite a challenge! Second of all, my children who hate change, somehow managed sleeping in strange beds and waking up early to venture off to new locations on a nearly daily basis! We were in hotels the entire time, and the kids did GREAT. Whew! Very grateful for this.

I saw my siblings and their children for the first time in four years. That was amazing! They don't travel, due to their own personal difficulties and inabilities to go anywhere outside their own little personal bubbles (Southern CA). Ah well. It was still wonderful to see them all. I hadn't seen my father in two years, because he is disabled and unable to travel anymore. He used to visit us twice a year, but hasn't been able to come to our new house (two years this summer in our new state). He loves CO, and I'm so sad that he can't come to see us here! We are trying to convince him to move here -- in assisted living -- so we'll see what happens.

I spend today doing mountains of laundry, and generally feeling grateful to be home again. I love that it's not crowded where I live. I love that I can hear birds chirping outside my windows in the morning when I wake up. I love that I can see the mountains not far away. I love that after nearly 40 years of wanting to live here, I DO!!!!!!!!

Traveling is so much fun. I could live in my car and travel all the time. Well, I could if I had an unlimited cash supply, hahahaha. But my dream is to have an RV "someday" so we CAN travel more easily, and more often. I have no idea if we'll be able to manage this before the kids are grown, but I hope so. Does anyone know if there's a popup trailer that can sleep eight? That's what I'd like to get NOW! Hotels are pricey, especially since we need either two rooms, or a family suite. I don't want to pull a huge trailer, since we love going to the mountains. Driving a big RV wouldn't work either. I just hope we can find a way to travel more often now that my "baby" is more than a year and a half old.