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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer as a Child...

As my children watch the umpteenth hour of television today, I have been thinking about what summers were like for me as a child. I can't remember a lot of detail when I was my childrens' age, six years-old and younger, but I do remember a bit. I know that we didn't watch television during the day, except maybe Sesame Street in the mornings on occasion, because in the late 60's and early 70's there wasn't 24-hour children's cable programming like there is now. My mother didn't play with us, she kept house, set out things for us to do, and took us to the library every couple of weeks. We played in the sprinklers, the wading pool and on the swingset. We lay bored and hot for hours on the back lawn. We probably played with neighborhood friends, and with the dog. I don't remember VBS, but I'm sure our church had it, and so we probably went. For our vacations, we would visit my grandmother and aunt in the extremely hot San Joaquin Valley, and we'd drive there in our Plymouth Valiant or Volkwagen Bug, both un-airconditioned. All this would sound utterly boring to my children, yet I remember counting the days until summer began, and mourning its end.

My children have the wading pool, the sprinklers, the swingset, yet they are only outside an hour or so a day. I have been much more lax with t.v. rules, since I've been dealing with first-trimester nausea and exhaustion, but I see the bad habits becoming entrenched. My son asks constantly if he can play computer games, and he's only 4! We do go to the library weekly, and will start swimming lessons in July, but I need to figure out a way to encourage my children to use their imaginations when they are bored, and to find things to do that don't require me to hover over them. I know the place to start is unplugging the television from the hours of 9-5, along with the computer.

I would welcome suggestions and ideas for making the summer bearable for a tired, pregnant mom, and three children, ages 20 months, 4 and 6 years old.