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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tag, I'm it!

Jamie over at Selkie blog has tagged me with one of those memes going around the internet. Fun! I'll play!

Ten years ago: In 1995 I was preparing for my wedding. It was about this time that we realized the Tribunal for my now-husband's annulment (started before he ever met me) had left the affirmative decision on someone's desk for a signature who had decided to not come into the office the entire summer, and thus everything would be delayed. I was working at a local hospital, and preparing to start graduate school in the Fall. Signatures were obtained after I contacted my bishop, and we were married in the Winter.

Five years ago: In the summer of 2000 we flew with my parents to Virginia, then drove to Outer Banks NC to meet my brother and his wife and their newly adopted son from Russia. Memorable because we had a serious cultural clash on this vacation (we're an AP family, they are the "kids eat at 6 then to bed while we have cocktails and dinner with just adults" every night kind of family), and because one of my kids came down with a serious ear infection warranting a trip to the local medical clinic.

One year ago: I was preparing for our annual music production, and starting to realize the upcoming election was going to cause great division amongst an email group I'd been affiliated with for quite a few years. Turned out to be true; the nastiness grew to such a level that two spinoff lists have been created, and the original list is a pale shell of its former self.

Yesterday: Great stress and angst over a pending real estate deal. Looks like our move out of this house will happen on time, but the house we hope to move to won't. Not sure where we are going to live.... but it will work out!

Tomorrow: We should know if we get the new house on time or not, and DH is off work for the rest of the month!! Yay Vacation time!

Five snacks I enjoy: Chips and salsa, Tropical Trail Mix (WalMart brand), fresh blueberries, crunchy granola bars, cookies!

Five songs I know all the words to: Star Spangled Banner, Sent Forth By God's Blessing, How Great Thou Art, Salve Regina plainchant, Ave Maria plainchant

Five things I would do with $100 million: pay off the church loan anonymously, set up trust funds for the kids, travel, make a large donation to our local La Leche League, buy a convertible.

Five places I would escape to: The beach, the library, CAPP commune (We've talked for years about how nice it would be to all live close by so we could help each other and have playmates for the kids), Ireland, and ???

Five bad habits: nail biting, staying up too late reading, snacking too much between meals, neglecting my prayer, self-criticism.

Five things I like doing: Reading, Snuggling with my kids, sitting on the back porch with DH watching the kids play, singing with the radio, cantoring at funeral masses (favorite ministry)

Five things I'd never wear: A Tube Top, low rise jeans with a thong showing, Just about anything in an animal print, a bikini, a navel ring.

Five TV shows I like: CSI Miami, Local News, Unwrapped, Local on the 8s, ??

Five biggest joys of the moment: Seeing my kids curl up with a book, nursing my littlest one, being with my DH, a mealtime without an argument over food, phone calls from friends.

Five favorite toys: My sewing machines, my cell phone, my computer, Whatever book I'm currently reading, the car radio.

Five new victims: Let's see.... how about Julie at Happy Catholic, the other CAPPmoms (and you have to post a new entry, not a post in the comments!!), MamaT at Smockmamas, Alicia at Fructus Ventris, and a volunteer???