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Monday, July 11, 2005

Three for joy?

On Saturday my husband and I took the boys for a Bird Walk at the Liberty State Park. This is a waterfront park from which you can see the back of the Statue of Liberty. It is a wonderful place, marshes, woodlands and recreation areas as well. The rangers led a hike around the area.

At first we saw mostly starlings and robins; not terribly exciting. Later, though, crossing a bridge near the marsh we spotted three large birds winging across the sky. Everyone scanned the area with their binoculars. To our great delight there were THREE Great Blue Herons circling above the marsh, together.

Blue herons (Ardea herodias) are usually not spotted in groups. The rangers were extremely excited about this. I suggested that possibly the strong winds of the day before--our little taste of Tropical Storm Cindy--had caused them to come together like this. Whatever the reason, it was a very special experience for us. We see blue herons in parks and marshes near our home occasionally, and have seen many more on our vacations to Assateague Island. But to see three of the giant, powerful birds together, and so close....that was a first for us.

The boys seemed interested but not impressed. Our older boy is more interested in the works of man than of nature. "Listen, dad, can you hear that freight train whistle over by the Turnpike?" "Wow, I can see the Liberty Science Center building!" and finally, when the rest of the group had their field glasses trained on the herons, our son pulled at my hand excitedly. "Mom, just look at that huge blimp coming our way!" Thanks, Fuji :)

The little one carried his binoculars and imitated the others. He is already interested in birds. "Bye-bye birds" he waved as we left.

Altogether, a joyful day.