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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Well, the move is complete, and we are in the new house. It's really wonderful. It's bigger, but not too big. It's very pretty. We are enjoying the new space, but dadgumit, I still can't find the orange juice pitcher ;)

We also were quite busy with a Music project last week, culminating in a performance by the youth involved after the week's "camp". It was really fun, but required being up very early each morning and being gone a good chunk of the day.

So, this is really the first time I've experienced the mornings here in the new house. I'm seeing a bit of who leaves to go to work, whose cars stay in the drive. I'm seeing how the shadows of the morning sun fall in the front yard on the flower beds. I'm seeing how the kids' delight in going into the backyard is mixed with the "ewww" factor of wet dewy grass on their feet. All in all, this has been a wonderful move for our family, the stress of the move itself has eased a lot, and I can sense a greater family harmony than I could a year ago.

I keep repeating "new house, new habits", and slowly they are starting to happen. I'm the one in biggest need of new habits. I've managed to get all my shoes back to my closet every time, except for the time I left my sandals in the backyard by the trampoline, and the sprinkler system thoroughly soaked them overnight. Whoops. I'm managing to squeegee the shower walls each time, telling myself that a minute today will keep me from spending half an hour scrubbing calcium deposits from the glass. I've managed to plan out a week's menu, do the shopping, and (gasp) actually have dinner at home 3 nights in a row now!

The one worrisome thing about the new house is this: K1 and K2 are on the other side of the house from us, with a kitchen and laundry room in between. Both are typical sources of home fires. We have a security system that is monitored, so if the system goes off I have the comfort of knowing the fire department will be called. Still, I worry about what might happen if a fire breaks out, and it is between me and my kids. K3's room is over on the same side as the master bedroom, and not quite so far away (relatively speaking), which is good because of K3's age. Believe me, if K1 and K2 weren't the ages they were, I'd be most uncomfortable with this floor plan.

Yesterday, we stopped at a local firestation, and talked to the guys there about fire safety and picked up some good information brochures. We plan to sit down and complete a fire exit plan, and do a few fire drills with the kids. Scary stuff, but you have to do what you can, and then trust in the good Lord to keep you as safe as possible, you know?

So, today, we've decided to skip out on emptying boxes and go to our local zoo. Hoping to get there before it gets too hot, but I can assure you that if I wait for the kids to get dressed by themselves, it won't happen. So, I'll log off for now. Sorry for the hiatus, and I'm glad to be back ;)