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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Welcome Home Space Shuttle Discovery!!!

As space buffs, my DH and I have been avidly following the saga with the Discovery this past week or so.

Night before last, the kidlets were tucked in, and the nighttime routine included fervent prayers for their safe return. K2 wandered in very sleepy yesterday morning, and first thing she asked was if the astronauts came home safely.

So, this morning, since the return was at a fairly reasonable hour here in the heartland, we were able to tune in to a live feed from NASA and watch the whole thing. Oh, my heart was pounding as they began their re-entry!

Thank God (and we did, several times) they landed just fine. What a testament to the great minds at NASA who have managed to go to Plan B, then Plan C, then on and on as they've dealt with unexpected challenges, and yet still brought home the shuttle intact.

I pray that they are able to resume flights, and continue the space program. I think the science gained is valuable and contributes immensely to our progress as a society.

As a mom from an era when I as a female student was encouraged to only go as far as geometry, while the boys were shuttled into Trig and Calculus, I appreciate so much the contributions of the women astronauts to this mission.

Welcome Home, Discovery! And God bless you all.