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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What Are Ya Looking For?

I saw over on Two Sleepy Mommies that they did a post on the keywords that come up on their Stat Counting software, and it was pretty funny. So, I'm doing the same thing here!

Georg Ratzinger Well, I think you'll find him in Italy faster than you'll find him here (lol). But I'm sure they came here and found our post about The Pope and his cats, which mentions his brother.

Someone came the other day on a search for things related to Catholic Mothering. Well, they've hit the right spot!

How about assateague island state thong. Uh, I'm not sure what the last word entails, but I'll bet they hit Lady Hatton's post about going birding.

The last phrase that has come up is Dentyne Fire Offensive. Ugh. That was a post about a recent ad from Dentyne Gum that a lot of people found pretty rude. We direct you to One Million Dads for more info.

We've had other phrases come up in the keywords. Mostly it's funny, or innocuous. But, a couple of time we've found people searching for something very raunchy. By a weird juxtaposition of words that are also in one of our posts, they come to our site, which frankly, generates a great big "EWWWW" out of this blogger.

So, if you've come here looking for something rude or nasty, please: Go away! But if you are looking for bits and pieces on mothering and families and Catholicism and general oddities that float around the blogosphere, Welcome!