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Friday, September 02, 2005

They really are from Mars!

We are visiting my husband's family in Mississipi (and we are all fine, thank God, we are way north of the devastation)and have been connnecting with some old friends.

Today we had lunch with my husband's oldest friend. I think of him as the Lynn-equivalent.Lynn is MY oldest friend; we lived two doors away from each other, we went all the way through high school together, our families and sibs are friends. Lynn lives 30 minutes away from me, but I see her about once a year. Right away we are able to pick up the threads and chat away, our shared history makin up for the lack of day-to-day intimacy we no longer have.

Anyway, Lynn-equivalent (LE) and my husband chatted away about an interesting redistricting case here in Mississippi. LE's firm was involved in representing one side or the other. I couldn't really participate because I bolted my pappardelle bolognese so I could take the 2.5 year old outside to run around.

Later I asked my husband, "What else did [LE] have to say?"
"We talked about redistricting and an economic development case he is working on".

"That's all?" I asked, disappointed.

LE has a colorful and complicated personal life and I was hoping to hear some inside info on how his second, surprising (and distressing, to us) marriage was going.


I was disgusted. Would Lynn and I sit around and talk about New Jersey politics for an hour, if we hadn't seen each other for six months? Phooey.