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Monday, October 17, 2005

Family Advice

What Sister said:
"You need to start praying Cardinal Cushing's prayer, "Slow Me Down, Lord". And you need to stop saying, "I should..." all the time. Just because you think others have it worse doesn't mean you can't grieve your own sorrows".

What Father said:
He spoke on yesterday's Gospel reading and told a story about Pope John Paul II meeting with the bishops and cardinals. They were all complaining how busy and stressed they were. The Pope said to them, "You need to take an hour a day to pray and to put God at the center of your lives". The bishops protested, saying how much they had to do, the pressures of their jobs, etc. The Pope listened and agreeed. "You're right. You are so busy and stressed, you need to take TWO hours a day for prayer before God". I got the point....

So I think I need to replace blogging and email time with prayer time. Maybe go to and pray and meditate over the daily scripture readings (daily Mass is not going to happen yet. Baby steps). Once I start putting God first, I will have more time for my family and other obligations, my friends and even my internet fun.

God bless.