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Friday, November 25, 2005

I need to get to Confession!

I have missed mass for the last two Sundays, due to being unable to get out of bed for our usual 8 am mass. I have been dopey from taking medicine for this never-ending cold. And I did teach Sunday school both weeks, but then I couldn't get to a later mass...and the evening masses did not work out for me.

I feel dreadful about this. I was catechized just enough before Vatican II kicked in to feel that missing mass "with no good excuse" (i.e. sick nursing child, prostrating illness) is a mortal sin. Who talks about that nowadays? Still, I feel bad about neglecting my duty to God. If I was neglecting my mother, or my sisters, or my friends in a similar way I would feel just as bad. So tomorrow, I MUST get to confession....despite boys who need haircuts and errands to be run. I MUST. Spare a quick prayer for me, that I get there.

God has blessed me so much, I feel the least I can do is give thanks to him at mass once a week.