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Monday, November 14, 2005

What's left of my cell phone

Today I pulled an El Stupido.... and left my cell phone on my back bumper for a minute while I unloaded something. Of course, I forgot it was there. And when I drove off, it must have bounced off into a street I pulled onto that has a high traffic volume. When I missed it some time later, I borrowed a friend's phone, and dialed myself. Nope, didn't hear it ringing inside my vehicle. Didn't hear it ringing inside at the place where I was at this event. Last place to check was a now-locked chapel, but nope, wasn't there either. But, this time it rolled right to voice mail, and I thought "Oh, someone has taken my phone, and turned it off! Thief!"

Thinking back, though... I remembered where I had left it, then I remembered the driving onto the street. I went out to that street, and managed to find these pieces.

Sad, huh?