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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Read the Blog? Not Read The Blog?

Last week in the WSJ, there was an article about parents who keep track of their kids via their kids' blogs on xanga or livejournal or wherever. Some admitted they thought it was out and out spying but felt it was justified in this crazy world of creeps we live in. Others' kids knew their parents could see the blog, and posted accordingly, while other kids were scrupulously hiding their blogging from their parents.

So, do you read your kids' blogs? and their friends' blogs?

I'll admit, the babysitter logged onto her xanga here on my PC while babysitting to show my kids a picture she'd posted. That's fine, no problem with that. But it is a public website, and it was left on my computer, and I read it. It gives me a good insight into her world, and frankly, if she was into things when not around me that would cause me to question her ability to watch my kids in a safe and effective manner, than great, so be it.

From her xanga and its comments, I've been led to the xangas of other youths at the parish. For the record, I am in a position of authority (albeit non paid), so I feel like some sort of "mother hen" protective friend toward these kids. Most of them are just the usual teenage angst and drama; a couple are pretty scary. The scariest ones are the friends of the kids at church, who are not from the church. You can tell some of these kids are just FLOUNDERING. Some are cutting. Some are drinking and drugging. I don't see much about sex or random promiscuity, but there are hints of it.

So, I am curious to know what the parents in St. Blogs parish do, regarding their young folks and the internet.

Care to share?

TiaKay, usually a mama bear, sometimes the mother hen....