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Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm just tired...

It was a rough weekend. There was a death in the family of close friends, and I was there within minutes of his death to be with his family in the aftermath. Until the police could verify that it was indeed a natural death (an old ill man on hospice), it was considered a crime scene, and we were all suspects. ("Ma'am, please give me your name, address, phone, social security number, eye color, height, weight, time of arrival, and don't leave until I say you can leave.") To see his big ol' dog try to lick his hand to get him to pet him was just, well, sadder than sad. She's slept on the floor facing the door in the front room every night since then, waiting for him to come back home.

Then on Saturday, what was supposed to be a fun family outing for a treat at 7-11 turned into a big fight. DH took the kids in for the icees, and, unbeknownst to me, left the gas pump nozzle in the tank, filling up the vehicle. I was reading in the car, as I wanted him to have the fun of shepherding 3 kids in and out of 7-11.

I'm not being snarky, we do this maybe once a week when he is at work, and I wanted to share it. So, cars were piling up in line at the pumps, so I decided to pull the car up to the front of the 7-11, not realizing the nozzle was still connected. I did that, and when DH came out, he was pretty upset about me pulling out. I felt like the world's BIGGEST idiot, having only tried to be a considerate person, and we ended up in a lovely argument that seemed to fester the rest of the weekend. I was reading when they went inside, and didn't hear anything, or feel anything to even know it was still connected, or that it dropped off when I pulled away. And I guess it could have been a huge tragedy, ie, fireballs, or whatever.... but still.

After Mass yesterday, a friend's baby was baptized. Again, what should have been nice, was in part ruined by the end of it all. Kid3 is only a little one, 4. Kid3 behaves like a 4 year old. I deal with it every day, it is my world. So, why is my DH incapable of managing it for even an hour without losing it? Tension was rising, and we went to eat after, and had to deal with a tired cranky hungry K3 then as well.

On to the ILs house, where I had to sit still and listen to the BILs go on and on with things that to the casual listener would mean nothing but to the principal players, would easily be interpreted as snarkiness. Even his mother threw in a snide remark that was unnecessary. I don't know why things have deteriorated into what they are now, but I do know that they are not very capable of having a calm conversation to discuss it and perhaps resolve it, so it is put up, or never show up. (Maybe that's my answer...)

And God forgive you if the children want to talk and laugh and be a part of the conversation when at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Children are NOT to be heard, but patted on the head as an acknowledgement of their presence on arrival, and then they are supposed to disappear. No wonder the kids don't enjoy visiting there. K3 even tells me "I no wanna go to that house." Sigh.

Supper was OK, but the kids were squirrelly by the end of the evening, so I just wanted them to go to bed, so that turned into another argument over what time bedtime was. Sleep could not come soon enough.

And now it is Monday AM. DH didn't hear his alarm, so I heard it and woke up, then the dog woke up, and then K3 woke up and came in, and then K1 came in while DH was in the shower, having lost a tooth in the night. And so my hopes of having a few minutes of quiet with a cup of coffee and a time for some prayer for patience didn't happen.

DH left his lunch here that I packed for him. K1 and K2 got in a big argument that escalated into shoving, and once I had the kids in, then out of the tub, the hot water tank was empty. So, here I sit, with a now-lukewarm cup of coffee, waiting for it to reheat.

I was blog surfing and saw some of the posts around the blogworld about yesterday's march to mark the Anniversary of Roe V. Wade..... the two mindsets are so incompatible that it isn't even funny. There is no way that there can ever be reconciliation between the two, IMHO. And to hear the rhetoric and see the pictures of the Pro Abortion side, well, it is sickening to me.

So, all in all, come Monday morning at 9am, I am just tired. The whole week is stretching out before me..... more of the same, with a funeral mixed in. So, if you read this, maybe throw one up my way, and I'm going to go hit the showers, and see if a change of venue will help with a change of outlook all around.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Piano Lessons

Ack! We are blessed to have a wonderful piano teacher who comes to our house for lessons for the kids, in exchange for a lower rate since she brings her very busy 1.5 year old boy, and a kindergartener. I watch them while she teaches piano to my kids.

But, it always sneaks up on me! Ack! It's 8:15 and Miss J will be here in 15 minutes and we're not dressed, and we haven't finished our theory, and no one has had breakfast, and....

You get the idea?! My oldest says "Mom, why aren't you able to remember these things?" It was said kindly, out of genuine curiosity about my somewhat frequent episodes of not remembering, and then a frantic rush to catch up or brush up or get there, or whatever.

Ah life. We keep getting handed moments for humility. I walked into choir practice last night, and could see my choir friends up in the front of church, to the side, where we rehearse and sit. One waved, and feeling silly, I waved back, using the hand gesture made famous by Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries (think "Thank you for being here" and you'll have it.)

Then he waved back the same way, and we both shifted to the WristWristArmArm wave of the Miss America genre.... And then as I reached the front, I made my genuflection to the tabernacle, and looked behind it to our chapel, and saw.... it was full of the RCIA class, attending a lecture by our pastor on the workings of the Mass. Yup, and here comes that flaky cantor, TiaKay!

Humility. Given when we least expect it and when we most need it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Random Junk

Lots going on. Our homeschool is back in session. I tested the kids in reading with a very general test, and found that both of the bigger kids who are in 2nd and 3rd grade, are pretty easily reading on the 4th and 5th grade level. That's reassuring to me. Seems to me that without the external, regularly-appearing measures of progress like one gets in a school situation, a lot of HSers can begin to doubt their abilities and start to wonder if the kids really are learning. The third kidlet at 4 is so eager to do "schoolwork" every day, even Saturday and Sunday, that it's funny. He loves to trace whatever I'll print out using one of those dotted fonts; he has little books he loves to work in that ask him "which is different?" or "circle the yellow square", etc. He has his own little desk that I was able to snag from a sale at the local public school, that is just his size. Me, I continue to have moments where I bang my head in frustration, trying to motivate kids to do their work. Other times, we have golden "AHA!" moments where it is hugely evident that we're doing well. The big kids had a ball last night telling Daddy all about Benjamin Franklin (whose birthday was yesterday), and we all learned something!

DH has been fighting an ongoing bronchial thing for a couple of weeks. He sounds like Barry White when he talks, and poor guy, he laid awake and coughed for several nights with a dry hacking cough, until I treated him with some of the new Triaminic cough strips. They are made like those instantly dissolving breath strips that look like a thin film, and you put them on your tongue. So, last night, he had 2 cough strips and a Tylenol PM, and he got the best sleep of several weeks. Ahem, so did I ;)

We've signed onto and I've been very impressed with the site. Kids wanted to log on Sunday AM when we had some time before we had to go up to church, but you cannot do lessons on Sunday, even when you click on a previous day's lesson missed.

Yesterday was spent doing other schoolwork, then the kids went to a friend's house while I did some serious decluttering and tidying up. When you've got little kids, it seems impossible at times to make a dent in all the little bits of debris that find their way all over the house. I did a lot of picking up of small items in one room, then trekking into 4 other rooms to put all the little pieces of whatever where they belonged. And I can't seem to do things like this when the kids are here, on the level I managed to do yesterday, because they pull me away to do something, and I don't get back on track. I struggle with focus sometimes, so yesterday was an immeasureable blessing! Plus, it was the first time I'd been alone by myself here in the new house! So, I made a CD with a bunch of loud pounding music, and cranked it up to get me moving!

Pat Benatar, Cheap Trick, Rolling Stones, among others, really old stuff mostly, but it was fun to listen to!

We have to replace the stockade fence here at the house, so I had 3 different companies come out and give me estimates. Yikes. What a vacation we could take for the price of an installed stockade fence. But, DH works 50 hours a week, and it would take months for the two of us do this particular task on our own. We'd still be putting out plenty for new materials if it was DIY, and since we've got panels down between our yard and the neighbor, and we both have kids and pets, it has to be done now. Sigh. Ah the joys of homeownership, yes?!

We had an interesting experience this past weekend, when a friend's son was brought to the local synagogue for his Hebrew naming and a blessing. So, we attended the entire Shabat services (well, until I had to take my itchy 4 year old out after he had reached his limit, which to his credit, was about a hour's worth of sitting fairly quietly) as a family. I was very moved by the service; I liked the music and the readings, and the Rabbi was very personable too. He knew when to make light of the fact that the baby in question was fussy as all getout.... and the big sisters were crawling around being less than well behaved, and he hurried things up. My friend was embarrassed, but hey, they're kids, and they behave like, well, kids at times. And the cheesecake they had at the reception! Oh my! Easily 4" thick, and 14" across, topped with berries. I was drooling and looking for a plate when I realized my family had already left, so I didn't get a piece. I told my friend I'd happily come back as a guest to her Shabat services, if they'd have that cheesecake again!

I'm rambling. But I wanted to post something different now, not a cut and paste, or a quiz, or an article or link. I wanted to write about me and my life. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. So, if you made it this far, let me know what you think! Comment away... but be kind! Have a great Wednesday.

Monday, January 09, 2006

So, What's Your Personality Type?!

I found a fun online personality test and here are my results:


Summary of Supervisors:
Bring order to their home and work life
Like to act on clear, achievable goals
Think of themselves as stable, practical and sociable
May be irritated when people don't follow procedures

What about you? I don't think of myself that way normally, but I did answer honestly and maybe this is a clearer reflection of what IS vs. what I'd like to be and say I am!

Though, honestly, the only part that is less than accurate, currently, is the bit about order in the home ;)