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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Piano Lessons

Ack! We are blessed to have a wonderful piano teacher who comes to our house for lessons for the kids, in exchange for a lower rate since she brings her very busy 1.5 year old boy, and a kindergartener. I watch them while she teaches piano to my kids.

But, it always sneaks up on me! Ack! It's 8:15 and Miss J will be here in 15 minutes and we're not dressed, and we haven't finished our theory, and no one has had breakfast, and....

You get the idea?! My oldest says "Mom, why aren't you able to remember these things?" It was said kindly, out of genuine curiosity about my somewhat frequent episodes of not remembering, and then a frantic rush to catch up or brush up or get there, or whatever.

Ah life. We keep getting handed moments for humility. I walked into choir practice last night, and could see my choir friends up in the front of church, to the side, where we rehearse and sit. One waved, and feeling silly, I waved back, using the hand gesture made famous by Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries (think "Thank you for being here" and you'll have it.)

Then he waved back the same way, and we both shifted to the WristWristArmArm wave of the Miss America genre.... And then as I reached the front, I made my genuflection to the tabernacle, and looked behind it to our chapel, and saw.... it was full of the RCIA class, attending a lecture by our pastor on the workings of the Mass. Yup, and here comes that flaky cantor, TiaKay!

Humility. Given when we least expect it and when we most need it!