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Monday, February 06, 2006

Quick prayer request

Our puppy ingested something she shouldn't have, (a prescription NSAID) with a little help from K3. She's at the vet hospital now, but if her kidneys have failed, then she's in real trouble.

Could you throw up a quick one for our little furry friend, so new to our family (since the fall) but so beloved, esp. to all the kids? She's only 4 pounds, and about 5 months old, sweet as can be.

Oh, I hope she's OK.....

UPDATE: No kidney damage, just some real uncomfortable GI distress. Sigh. A nice big bill, a bland diet, and Milk of Mag. for the dog for 3 days. Whew! Between K3's putting a wooden train down his toilet (and a $150 plumber bill to pull the toilet and retrieve it) and now this vet bill, well... he's an expensive boy!