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Saturday, March 04, 2006

What Sticks in Their Minds

Today my older son and I visited this exhibition and noticed a painting across the room. It was called "Fertility" and showed a naked man and woman on either side of a tree. He got the Adam and Eve reference. Next to it was a lovely, more harmonious looking painting, again of a man and a woman (clothed this time), seemingly a farmer and his wife, on either side of a full, leafy tree. The woman held a basket of cherries before her. As I pointed out to my son, you could see she was pregnant, too. I asked him what he thought about this painting.

"It is like the Cherry Tree Carol. It is Mary and Joseph and he gave her cherries".

He remembered this from a CD we listen to at Christmastime. I always marvel about what sticks with them, and what they so easily forget.

Perhaps it is just that art and music has the power to touch their hearts and minds in a deep er way than I had realized.