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Saturday, June 24, 2006


What do you say to a child who asks "Mom, why does God let me be in pain?".

Background: my almost 8 year old daughter, Sally, toe-walks. She has an orthopedic problem, sadly passed down by her loving mother, of a short achilles tendon. This causes her feet to point downward. At some point, nearly all children toe-walk. With Sally, she started out walking on her toes at an early age and continued as she started school. Visits to doctors did nothing; if she was able to put her feet down, she was "okay".

Fast forward to 1st grade. The summer before, she was diagnosed with sensory integrative dysfunction. She was prescribed occupational therapy. Her therapist thought Sally's toe-walking could be a sensory issue so we put her on a sensory diet to no avail. She still toe-walked. We thought we'd get her checked out by a physical therapist to see if her toe-walking was a physical problem and we hit the jackpot. She had a number of problems with her feet and legs (which were then verified by an orthopedic surgeon) and we started her on physical therapy.

Since then, she's been placed in casts for 3.5 weeks, seen countless doctors, gone through physical therapy and home therapy for 1.5 years now and now she's in night splints. Which are VERY uncomfortable for her.

Which brings me to last night's conversation. Sally crying "Why does God let me be in pain? Why did He make me this way?" and me trying to console her but failing miserably. I even think the words "character" and "making you stronger" passed my lips but I don't think she understood. In her eyes, she prays for health, she prays for the ability to run like her friends, she prays for painless legs and God doesn't hear her. She says she talks to God but He doesn't answer. What does one say to such a child, one who has dark nights of the soul at such a young age?