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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Grief of a Mother and Father

I have read on Bettnet of a horrible tragedy that has happened to the Doman family. You may know Regina Doman as the author of the especially wonderful "Angel in the Waters" story, which you can read online here.

Their four year old son has died in an accident with the family vehicle, his name is Joshua Michael Doman, and you can see his sweet face here.

We all know, but never want to think about, how quickly lives can change in an instant when something like this happens. Our children, these gifts of God entrusted to us, could be called home at any time. None of us want to ever have to bury a child.

God grant them mercy and peace somehow in the depths of their sorrow, bless and help their family in the days ahead, and may they know that unnamed folks all around the world are keeping them wrapped in prayer.

Hug your children and hold them close.