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Sunday, July 30, 2006

What a Guy

We got home last evening from an exhausting transcontinental trip. It was the best trip we have ever taken! But back here in Babylon it is hot and very humid. Naturally we have not replaced our airconditioners, taken out last fall when the windows were replaced. The boys are steaming. It is pretty sweaty around here.

Today my husband went to Lowes and took both boys with him. They bought lumber and "stuff" to brace the air conditioners when we put them back in. Tonight he will put back one unit in our bedroom, and boys can camp on the floor. He has been working on cutting and installing, while I made dinner and a delicious blueberry dessert (recipe on request) :) I have had time to catch up with my lists and check out my favorite blogs. My husband has had very little computer time since we got home. I truly appreciate it. My connections with my friends, including my online friends, is so precious to me...he understands that. I know, I am blessed.
Boy clamoring for dessert, must go.