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Thursday, October 26, 2006

oooh, Fall!

We had our outing to a pumpkin patch yesterday. It was great fun for all involved, including the part where all the kids but my friend's baby went on a second 10 minute hay ride, which gave the two of us a chance to roast some marshmallows over the fire pit and make s'mores, which we ate greedily before the kids came back. We did make some for them when they came back. However all that did add up to a major asthma attack for poor K3. We were up all night with breathing treatments and Motrin for fever. I guess it wasn't the brightest decision, but such fun was had with the hay stacks and the hay ride and the petting zoo and the wiener/marshmallow roasting.

So, today is all about washing and dusting and cleaning so K3's bedroom will be more allergen free than it was after we came home yesterday....

The kids painted the little pumpkins they received as part of their admission, which kept them very busy all afternoon once we came home. So, not all was lost!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

It's been a long, long time...

hello readers, if there are any left. I've not posted in ages, because, well, frankly, I felt I had nothing to say!

But, I am popping in now out of lurkdom to ask prayers.

The DH and I have discovered to our utter delight and total surprise that we are expecting a new little CAPPlet! Thought those days were long gone, physically speaking, and had emotionally moved on to that next stage of life.

Guess we are getting one of those late-in-life bonus babies you hear about. Heck, my own mom was a late-in-life bonus baby! This is what happens when you are open to life, eh?!?!!

Could you all keep us in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby?!

We surely appreciate it!!