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Friday, February 23, 2007

95 Books 95

My uncle and aunt died and left a house full of books. Art, architecture, history, nonfiction (even a few mysteries). My cousins have sold the house and invited us to take what we want. I went out there today and came home with lots and lots of books. It was like Christmas and my birthday all at once. If you can imagine being turned loose in your local B&N to take home as many books as you want for free--that is what it was like. Bookmania!
Many beautiful BIG books about art and architecture. One of my cousins is an architect and they were all bookworms. My uncle read voraciously, especially as he got older and less mobile. History was his favorite subject and I got a few nice books and biographies for my husband and myself. Our older boy got a beautiful book about Vivaldi--lovely photographs of Venice. Even the little guy enjoyed a Time-Life book, "Primates".
I could not abandon these books. Some I had wanted for years. I never buy art books because they are too expensive. We all enjoy looking at them though.
A brief taste of what I got--two volumes of Philippe Aries " A History of Private Life", five issues of "Granta" (I could have taken all of them, there must have been a hundred, but I had no room in my car or my house for them),the collected stories of William Trevor, an Escoffier, "The Cake Bible" by Rose Birnbaum, biographies by Claire Tomalin, Antonia Fraser and Jenny Uglow (why are so many biographies written by women?), novels by Henry Green, Kingsley Amis, Ngaio Marsh and Ruth Rendell. A few gardening books for my husband, "Elizabeth and Essex" by Lytton Strachey. You can see what a good mixed bag it was!
Best of all...I spotted a slim, green cloth bound volume at the back of the shelf.It was called "The Coloured Lands" by G.K. Chesterton. My uncle's signature was on the first page. It was published in 1938--he probably would have been graduating high school then. It is a wonderful collection of fantasy stories and imaginative illustrations by GKC himself! I look forward to reading it. It seems to bring my uncle close to me in a way he wasn't when he was alive.
Now to tidy up the dining room for dinner, then a perfect orgy of reading!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Agoraphobia? Snow-o-phobia? or just plain laziness?

My husband has been teasing me lately that I am turning into a housecat. It is true. I do a lot of running around during the day, but at night all I want to do is hang out, do a crossword puzzle, watch "Monk" with the big boy, read "The Magic Schoolbus" with the little guy, and drink tea. There are a lot of meetings I should be going to as a parent leader in my son's school. How much change we actually can effect, as parents, is a rant for a different place but the networking is valuable. It helps to show your face out there. Anyway yesterday was snow, ice, "wintry mix"--which always sounds to me like some kind of candy product. You know, starlight mints, red and green M&Ms, chocolate santas... I shoveled out a bit and Sir Edward put out plenty of salt. This morning it is sunny but very cold. My hair is soaking wet. I have nothing but decaf coffee in the house. B.Minor had an appointment at 9, not too far away. I went out and scraped the car and ran the defroster. Then...I felt I couldn't leave. I just want to stay home and keep warm. There were plenty of days in the past where I HAD to go out to work or school, trudging in the sleet to the bus, waiting on the corner, riding the ferry, trudging up Broadway. No doubt in the future I will be doing that again. So why not enjoy my flexibility now?
Off to help spin a spider web. We are getting hooked on spiders this week :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hooray, we can skate!

The pond has frozen! Well over a week of sub-freezing temps has led to a good thick coat of ice on Allison's Pond. The Parks Dept, still cautious, has plastered "No Skating" signs around the periphery. But the locals are ignoring that....
B.Major and I were thrilled to be skating on real ice. Most years our skating has been confined to the skating rink at Clove Lakes. This is much more fun! We found two branches shaped roughly like hockey sticks, and a chunk of a log, for a puck. We got to scrimmage a bit. Quite a new experience. B.Major began to realize that playing hockey on the ice is a far different thing than playing it on a computer game. Yesterday both boys and I skated. Then a hike into the woods, over the frozen waterfall behind the cemetery, and up to Goodhue Lake. Both boys broke the edges of the ice and got full of mud. A good day!