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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Agoraphobia? Snow-o-phobia? or just plain laziness?

My husband has been teasing me lately that I am turning into a housecat. It is true. I do a lot of running around during the day, but at night all I want to do is hang out, do a crossword puzzle, watch "Monk" with the big boy, read "The Magic Schoolbus" with the little guy, and drink tea. There are a lot of meetings I should be going to as a parent leader in my son's school. How much change we actually can effect, as parents, is a rant for a different place but the networking is valuable. It helps to show your face out there. Anyway yesterday was snow, ice, "wintry mix"--which always sounds to me like some kind of candy product. You know, starlight mints, red and green M&Ms, chocolate santas... I shoveled out a bit and Sir Edward put out plenty of salt. This morning it is sunny but very cold. My hair is soaking wet. I have nothing but decaf coffee in the house. B.Minor had an appointment at 9, not too far away. I went out and scraped the car and ran the defroster. Then...I felt I couldn't leave. I just want to stay home and keep warm. There were plenty of days in the past where I HAD to go out to work or school, trudging in the sleet to the bus, waiting on the corner, riding the ferry, trudging up Broadway. No doubt in the future I will be doing that again. So why not enjoy my flexibility now?
Off to help spin a spider web. We are getting hooked on spiders this week :)