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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hooray, we can skate!

The pond has frozen! Well over a week of sub-freezing temps has led to a good thick coat of ice on Allison's Pond. The Parks Dept, still cautious, has plastered "No Skating" signs around the periphery. But the locals are ignoring that....
B.Major and I were thrilled to be skating on real ice. Most years our skating has been confined to the skating rink at Clove Lakes. This is much more fun! We found two branches shaped roughly like hockey sticks, and a chunk of a log, for a puck. We got to scrimmage a bit. Quite a new experience. B.Major began to realize that playing hockey on the ice is a far different thing than playing it on a computer game. Yesterday both boys and I skated. Then a hike into the woods, over the frozen waterfall behind the cemetery, and up to Goodhue Lake. Both boys broke the edges of the ice and got full of mud. A good day!